Quality products and efficient production? Only a question of technology…

Our natural casings provide Bratwursts, boiled or cooked sausages as well as handcrafted regional specialties with their exceptional characteristics and appetizing appearances. In today’s nutrition trends, for many consumers it is important to know where their foods originate from. Many consumers want to know whether their food is naturally produced and how they are packaged. For sausage products, natural casings effectively fulfill the needs of such consumers.

We utilize highly efficient processing technologies when refining our natural sausage casings. By means of this technology, we are able to not only provide our customers with the highest quality sausage casings, our customers are also enabled to increase their production efficiency.

Our natural casings are processed from hogs and sheep with the help of special natural casing carriers. Individually tailored solutions are available: Mounting on soft tubes or hard tubes that in turn are prepared as overlapping or pushed natural casings for selected carriers. In addition, the product can be supplied dry salted as well as ready to fill.

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