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Highest quality and product availability at any time? Natural products are naturally subject to variations in quality and availability. This is a common challenge in the casings trading business. Despite these market risks, we take measures to ensure our customers obtain the quality and quantity they need.

Due to our developed trading partnerships, we have influence on delivery volumes and procurement processes. We know our natural casing producers and suppliers very well – their statements regarding quality and quantity are reliable and therefore need-based orders are possible.

Furthermore we stock a wide range of high quality natural casings in virtually all types and calibers for our customers in warehouses and cold storage facilities. The casings are refined either for industrial or artisan processing measures: salted, ready to fill, in hard and soft tubes. Our ready for use natural casings are able to be sent in all containers to our customers around the world.

We are member of the exclusive International Natural Sausage Casing Association INSCA

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