Natural Casings

We make natural casing products from sheep, hogs and beef in all specifications for artisan and industrial production.

Natural sheep casings in premium quality

Natural sheep casings are the most tender and thinnest natural casing that is used for sausage processing. The fine and firm texture, distinctive crispy bite and its excellent smoking characteristics make it so unique. Sheep casings are used for example for Wieners, fine Grill sausages and Debreziner

Natural hog casings – high quality and mostly used

Hog casings are mostly used in sausage production most. They give the sausages their typical form.

They are used for example for Grill Sausages, Boudin Blanc/Noir and Cooked sausages.

Natural casings Beef – First choice for larger calibers

Beef casings are robust and stable making them optimal for capturing smoke flavorings and providing the specific round shape. They are typically used for Large Bologna, Ring Liver Sausage, Mettwurst, Dry and Semi-Dry Cervelat.

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