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We know the markets, producers and their products…

Quality and customer-orientation are the mottos that apply to all of our business activities. Ultimately, sausage products must taste good, look appetizing, and stay in form – this is best achieved with natural casings. Our customers have high expectations that we meet every day.

We are specialized in importing, sorting and refining high quality natural casings from hog, beef and sheep that we refine for our customers (e.g. medium-sized artisans, industrial companies and butcher shops).

With our extensive experience, we carefully select the raw materials from the international markets. Our sheep casings originate from New Zealand, Turkey, the Middle East and China. Our hog casings are procured from China and Europe. Our beef casings are traditionally imported from South America.

At our company’s site in Saarbrucken our trained employees refine and sort the natural casings in accordance with quality standard procedures. We also consider throughout the processing and packaging procedures both customer- and industry-related specifications and purchase quantities.

We are member of the exclusive International Natural Sausage Casing Association INSCA

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